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The Ndugu Association

Nduguföreningen – the Ndugu association – is a Swedish NGO supporting development work in the rural district of Iramba, Tanzania. Together with local actors we give individuals hope, confidence and real opportunities to a life without poverty. Our main target areas are: education, health care, environmental care, water supply and rural development. We are working in close cooperation with local authorities and other local actors. Both the planning and implementation of the activities are characterized by mutual responsibility. A core principle in our work is long term commitment. The Ndugu Association is politically and religiously independent.

We were established in 2002 and have since then continued to grow year by year. During this short period we have among other things supported the education of hundreds of students, planted thousands of trees to prevent soil erosion, contributed to a project on improved water supply, funded investments in a high quality local dispensary, held HIV/aids seminars reaching many thousands of students and citizens, held seminars on small scale business making and successful farming, provided micro credits to realize local business plans. In short, through the work with local authorities and citizens we have made a difference in Kizaga, Iramba.

By making a donation to the Ndugu Association you give us tools to continue to work for our aim: to give individuals hope, confidence and real opportunities to a life without poverty. If you wish to make a donation, please contact for more information. Thank you for your contribution!

Tack till Nduguföreningens företagsvänner: Stonefield Management AB, Jonas Stenfelt,  Boka Juridik, Bo Lindström samt Amber advokater, Per Håkansson.

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